What WE Stand For

What WE Stand For

WE Stand To…


WE hopes to encourage women by offering a network of support formed by women from every walk of life, ethnicity, and background who will give back willingly and offer advice, guidance, and connections to other women that are striving to do great things. WE hopes to form a team of cheerleaders for every woman and her dreams.


WE hopes to inspire women to reach their full potential by offering a front row look at what other women are currently achieving today. We hope that by sharing one woman’s story, another won’t feel obligated to “reinvent the wheel” and can benefit from the battles fought and won by those before her.


WE hopes to empower women by standing up to adversity both in and outside of the workplace. WE hopes to serve as a collective voice against “bossy” and the “backseat” that some women feel they are forced to take because of outdated gender roles in the workplace. WE hopes to be the movement that will push women out of the sticky spots of growth in the 21st century and guide them into their respective prosperous futures.

Mission Statement

Women Exceeding is a 501c3 organization that acknowledges the accomplishments of women and assists women who are seeking professional and personal development, in order to strengthen the female presence in innovative and entrepreneurial roles.


It is the vision of Women Exceeding to become the international face of women achieving greatness in an array of industries. We desire to become an invaluable resource for women seeking personal and professional development. We aspire to become the connection between those influencing and instituting change in the world and those striving to make a difference. We hope to inspire women to dream, design, and define their futures.

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