Message From Our Founder

Message From Our Founder



Women Exceeding holds such a valuable place in my heart. It is important to me for you all to understand what sparked the inspiration for Women Exceeding. From the beginning, I never dreamed that my admiration for others would grow into something as amazing as Women Exceeding. One day I realized that I was surrounded by amazing women, accomplishing amazing achievements. I felt inspired. I love meeting strong independent women. I wanted to honor them in some way. I first tried to do this in 2010 with a blog post on my very elementary blog, which had virtually no followers. In this post, I honored three close friends whom I admire very much, Bryana Holcomb, Aleya James, and Isra Shatat. You can guarantee that you will be learning more about each of them in the future. As the years grew, I was not just satisfied with the blog post. I juggled ideas of how I could honor these wonderful women in my life. By this time I had accepted the fact that I am not a blogger. What I am, is a networker. I love helping and connecting people. I thought to myself: how could I do this on a larger level? I could go further than just a blog. I could create a resource for women that displayed women accomplishing their dreams. This resource would assist with mentoring and guidance, career advice and tips, women spotlights, videos, news articles, and an external resource guide; and thus “Women Exceeding” was born. So here it is ladies, take it, use it, and BE GREAT.



About Our Founder

Christina is a program manager for Operation HOPE and is pursuing her Masters in Public Administration & Policy at American University. She holds a Certificate in General Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In 2012, she started her career with JPMorgan Chase. She was involved in the firm’s Volunteer Leadership Group and Business Resource Groups, serving as Communications/Marketing Co-Chair of the Women’s Interactive Network. She moved on to spend two years as a project manager for Heritage Finance Holdings. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a B.A. in Communication, Christina Danielle Cornelius is committed to “saving the world, one entrepreneurial venture at a time.”

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