The Women Who Inspired WE

When I discuss Women Exceeding, there is never a time that I leave out where the inspiration stemmed. In 2010, I was so inspired by my three close friends that four years later I felt moved to start Women Exceeding. -Christina

Bryana Holcomb


As a visionary of purpose, a statue of nobility, and even more a soul full of pursuit, Bryana “Bry Delicia” Holcomb has invested her time and commitment to the betterment of not only those around her, but to all she has the capacity to reach. Bryana Holcomb holds and creates a place of possibility through her mentorship, leadership, and genuine desire to uplift through artistic endeavors.

Specializing in Photography, Event Production, and Model Management/Development Bryana Holcomb gracefully embraces the ability to combine the conscious need for universal enlightenment with her unflinching embrace of nature’s nuances. Her natural aptitude of creating visual experiences as a photographer combined with her exploration of depths of the many creations of God is where her gift was initiated. From navigating her own photo shoots to producing events Bryana Holcomb still finds the time to inspire all those she has encounters.  To Bryana Holcomb, art isn’t frivolous; rather art to her is life changing.  As she continues to grow artistically she still finds herself wanting to learn how she can use her love of art to empower and strengthen the minds of others.

In 2010 after graduating from the University of Illinois with a Bachelors Degree in Gender and Women’s Studies, the young fashionista took her talents to Los Angeles where she fully indulged her love and passion to inspirational images through photography and writing.  At the time, the young enthusiast was determined to build her network and prepare herself for the unfolding of her purpose. She decided to get her Master’s in Business Management Strategy while working both a full time job and a part time job. Many runways, scenes, and events later Bryana Holcomb has graduated with her MBA, and has begun her studies in Life Coaching. Amidst the success of her newly launched motivational site “The Art of Definition,” Bryana Holcomb continues inspiring people all over the world through her weekly Monday Motivational messages. Positively influencing the lives of her peers, her colleagues, and co-workers Bryana Holcomb’s inability to give up demonstrates that all is possible through will and dedication.

All throughout Bryana’s college and post college career she has held a variety of mentorship roles, whether it be with her siblings, peers/colleagues, or even business associates/coworkers she always found her advice being sought after.  Her natural ability to guide and teach root from her sincere passion of seeing others overcome and achieve a new level of growth. If her knowledge and understanding can help another individual make a better decision or pursue a dream Bryana Holcomb finds it in her heart to deliver the words. Bryana Holcomb believes that her words flow from God and that her purpose in life is to share God’s love of spreading love, joy, and peace. Being the best you that you can be is all that Motivator aspires to resonate in the minds of all those she encounters.

Her expression is overall innovative, it’s dynamic and it’s everything beyond the collision of colors, apparel, shoes, or accessories.  It is her life style, and it is bred deep within her individuality and sense of creativity.  Inflicting good energy and great spirits to all she encounters is exactly why Bryana Holcomb’s ability to combine the conscious need for visionary expression with a snap using arts differentiates her from many.

Aleya James

Aleya James 10photos Ten Photos Jan 2013-11-1-1

Being able to completely change how something sounds by changing the harmony demonstrates its value and that is exactly what distinguishes the songstress Aleya James from other artists. Her bottle of fire like personality is immensely apparent in her writing, which tends to provide a distinguished texture to her sound that is rare and gregariously endowed.

Like the harmony, Aleya James has the capacity to completely transform anything she touches. Whether it is referencing a song, adding her writing to production or even her presence in a photo can create a feeling of enlightenment.  Like harmony can completely change how a piece of music sounds, Aleya James can completely change the feel, mood, and energy of any work of art. Her ability to sing, dance, write as well as her educational background in Music Business provides the Chicago native with a reinforced platform of knowledge, experience, and understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Aleya James love for music was ignited at a young age when her grandmother discovered (at the age of 2), that her voice was a gift. From that point on her family made it a point to encourage love and connection within Aleya James so that her strength, mannerism, warm-hearted spirit and boisterousness talent became ostensible in her artistry. Having grown up on the music likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, TLC, Earth Wind & Fire and even DMX and Jay Z as provided a very eminent and cultured musical background for AleyaJames. Her lane is precise but her influences have shaped such a force that even in a crowd full of hardcore Hip-Hop lovers and a bill of 20 Hip Hop artists, the songstress can easily shift the energy and create a diverse and musically connected performance.


Isra Shatat

Isra Shatat represents connection through a fateful deliverance. Growing up in a somewhat strict household instilled a strong obedient and conservative characteristic to the diligent motivated future music executive. Aware of what it takes to be a forceful mogul in the music business is what drives this young innovator to strategize her way to the top.

Music has been a daily routine for Isra that it soon became a foundation for her love of writing. Listening to the stories and lives of other’s through a beat, chorus, and versus full of soul triggered an emotional pathway for her pen leading to her “poem book.” This was the birth of Isra as a creator; a writing sensation of her passion.

Isra began her music business journey in high school when she started to write for her school paper, magazine, and even editor of her school yearbook. She soon sparked an interest in promotions when she began working with nationally recognized R&B group Kwiet Storm and promotions company S.H.E Promotions. From day to day street promotions to social media promotions Isra’s resume was gradually building. In 2008, Isra received an opportunity to promote for Terrell Taylor, CEO of Positive Entertainment by promoting one of the biggest events in Chicago, Showtime in Chicago and decided to make Taylor an official client after a successful outcome. ISC has teamed up with Positive Entertainment and have thus far promoted many successful events. For Isra, Terrell Taylor was a major influence on her career choices and decided to seek guidance from him by requesting his mentorship in which he accepted. Isra soon went on doing promotions for Chicago pop artist Demi Lobo, R&B singer Kenny T, and entertainment company Get Phresh.

After high school, Isra went on and attended the prestigious University of Illinois in Urbana – Champaign as a Communications/Pre Law major. College turned the revolving doors for Isra’s career path. Temporarily putting her pen down to pursue music management and radio was the climax in the young entrepreneurs love of all things music and Hiphop. Isra joined her college radio station and ultimately took off as a radio personality and promotional director. Her radio show quickly picked up.

In the summer of 2010, Isra received an opportunity to intern with Dream Careers and Universal Music Group/Interscope Records in Santa Monica California. As a pop marketing Intern, Isra worked on stat sheets for artists such as Lady Gaga, MIA, and N.E.R.D as well as clerical work for her supervisor, Marketing Director Miles Arnay. This opportunity helped legitimize Isra’s aspiration for the music industry and thus motivated her to start her own network and connection. The network was officially launched after Isra Shatat received a management position request from singer Drey Skonie.

While managing Drey Skonie and completing her Bachelor degree in Communication and Pre-Law Isra decided to pick up an internship with G-Unit Records.  As the Chicago G-Unit representative, Isra assisted in branding, event production, and promotions all while developing an underground hip hop cypher. Utilizing her internship resources allowed Isra to heighten the promotion with the Cypher when Thisis50 agreed to be the Cypher’s official prize sponsor.  With having done over 5 Hip Hop Cyphers throughout the Midwest Isra ultimately decided to expand the brand to Los Angeles, where Isra currently resides.

Moving to Los Angeles in May 2013 has allowed the young mogul to expand her interests by interning, temping, and working different events and job assignments. After almost a year of permanent job hunting and consistent freelance work Isra landed a job with Universal Music Enterprises as a Legal Assistant in Business Affairs.  This position didn’t stop Isra from her freelance and entrepreneurship endeavors with partner Bry Delicia and their company Opulence Media Group. From BET Award Show’s to Espys, Opulence Media Group (based out of Los Angeles) is quickly picking up in the Publicity world as Isra and Bry have nurtured and developed quite the brand for themselves.  With clients Rell Cash, Drey Skonie, Tru Lies, Turn Up, and Inside Jokes Comedy Club, the public relations firm is becoming one of LA’s most sought out agencies!

It is evident that the young entrepreneur has her hands full in the entertainment world but what many do not know is Isra is a consistent practicing activist of world peace. Utterly annoyed by the World War that is occurring before our eyes has Isra in constant research and fighting for justice everywhere. With a travel agenda in her near future along with growth in both community service and entertainment Isra is sure to leave impact in the Music Business as she is well on her way to prosperity.





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