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As CEO and Founder of Educate, Equip, and Empower, I use my 10+ years of combined experience in human resources, learning and development, and education to transform and propel the success trajectory for both young professionals and seasoned professionals in their career journey, with a special focus on minorities. For many it’s helping them to secure that ideal job, for others it’s helping to get that business off the ground, and then there’s the special population that seeks to do both. In addition to my work with professionals, I work with schools and nonprofits, targeting African Americans, to service students from 7th grade through college to provide them the tools, knowledge, and resources that the school systems fail to provide. My team and I also partner with small businesses and start-ups to provide results driven learning and development content for staff development and training, hiring services, and employee engagement consulting. The objective with our partners is to educate and empower them to diversify and improve company cultures, while equipping them to scale and grow while yielding increased employee performance.


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