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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Yes, we know…we sort of went MIA on you. I (Christina) apologize. I allowed my personal life (see ChristinaCornelius.com) to interrupt the great work that we were doing here at Women Exceeding. So we were planning to relaunch this year. We are rebuilding our board, realigning our goals, and redesigning our website. However, this past week one of our footprint cities, Houston, Texas experienced a natural disaster.  So, it is time to get to work! Even though we are not officially relaunched, we are working. We have created a Hurricane Harvey Marketplace in which we are featuring businesses that are donating a percentage of their sales to Hurricane Harvey Relief. Our fund of choice is Greater Houston Community Fund. We are also accepting donations, any donation notated “Hurricane Harvey”  will 100% be donated to the Greater Houston Community Fund. We will also be creating a Hurricane Harvey Resource Guide within the next few days. Look out for us within the next few months as we relaunch Women Exceeding, but for now, join us in #RebuildingHouston.


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