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They say, “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.” Well, that is exactly what we did with the relaunch of Women Exceeding. This organization that I hold so dear to my heart went through a transition phase, both internally and externally. WE were excited to debut the new “WE” to the world on June 25th, 2018. The universe had other plans. Our marketing team built excitement with a countdown to a “Big Announcement”. When it was time to reveal, the website was not remotely ready to launch. So what did we do? We saved face and revealed our new logo. 

Our board of directors was at a loss. Leeandria, our marketing manager, was basically pulling her hair out. Me? I was strangely zen. I reminded myself everything in God’s timing. It was pointless to get upset because our developer could only do what he could. However, now we faced another challenge. After rebuilding our engagement and following after an extended hiatus, our website was down! Our website, the bread and butter of our brand, where the interviews, the businesses, and the kickass women who we featured were housed, was not accessible to the public.

So what did we do? We focused on social media. Thanks to Katie, our public relations coordinator, we were able to stay engaged with each of you on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thank you to all of our followers, new and existing. We appreciate your engagement and support while we were working on things. Finally, here we are, THREE months after our “scheduled launch”, and guess what?  The sky didn’t fall. The world kept turning.

You may be wondering why I brought attention to challenges that 99 percent of you didn’t know. Because that is what Women Exceeding is about–transparent stories that help women to achieve their goals. We live in a picture perfect era, where everyone acts as if they face no challenges. Women Exceeding has faced many challenges, and I personally have grown from each one. I believe in sharing the missteps to help others avoid the same bumps in the road.

With that being said, welcome to the NEW Women Exceeding. WE are so excited for you all to experience what we have in store. While we will continue to share the transparent stories of inspiring women, we have shifted our focus to include various initiatives and programs that support and nurture women personally and professionally. We want to help women, who are aspiring for career advancement or entrepreneurship, reach the next level, and encourage them to help the next generation of “women exceeding” do the same.

So let’s show the guys, who really run the world.

With love and passion,

Christina is a program manager for Operation HOPE and is pursuing her Masters in Public Administration & Policy at American University. She holds a Certificate in General Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In 2012, she started her career with JPMorgan Chase. She was involved in the firm’s Volunteer Leadership Group and Business Resource Groups, serving as Communications/Marketing Co-Chair of the Women’s Interactive Network. She moved on to spend two years as a project manager for Heritage Finance Holdings. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a B.A. in Communication, Christina Danielle Cornelius is committed to “saving the world, one entrepreneurial venture at a time.”

Website: https://www.christinadaniellecornelius.com

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