Women Exceeding Pitch Competition

Women Exceeding Pitch Competition


About WEPC:
The Women Exceeding Pitch Competition (WEPC) was created by Women Exceeding for women exceeding. An intensive, multimedia competition, WEPC is designed to accelerate women who are entrepreneurs in different industries. 


Submissions have ended for WEPC 2019. View the finalists here.

The Basics:

  1. Participants submit business plans and video pitches (no longer than 3 minutes) of their overall original business concept via womenexceeding.com. Submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. on (EXTENDED) August 9, 2019. All videos must communicate the following :
    • Product/ Idea
    • Market for Your Idea (How is it scalable?)
    • What sets your company apart from your competitors?  
    • What would you do with the prize money if selected?
    • What does Women Exceeding mean to you?
  2. Four participants will be selected by the judges to participate in the final round, where they will present their business plan in- person to a panel of judges.
    Notifications will be provided by August 31, 2019.
  3. Each participant that qualifies for the final round is required to present their business plan in person (5 minute limit) to a panel of judges in Houston, Texas. In-person presentations should include:
    • Product or service- Briefly describe the product or service.
    • Value proposition- How is the product or service going to add value for customers?
    • Target Audience- Who will be buying the product or service?
    • Market size- How big is the target market?
    • Differentiation- How is the product or service different from existing products or services?  What is the competitive advantage?
    • Revenue Model- How will the product or service generate revenue?  
  4. The top three presentations and with the highest scores will receive an award. Judges will pick 1st and 2nd place winners. The audience will pick the 3rd place winner. Feedback will be given to the final participants. 

For full terms, conditions, and judging criteria, click here.

The Awards: 

Women Exceeding is committed to growing the number of women entrepreneurs. Our awards are as follows:

  • First Place = $5,000
  • Second Place = $2,500
  • Third Place = $1,000

Our winners will also receive non-monetary prizes. The final four participants will all receive complimentary gift bags. 

Eligible Participants

  1. Organizations or businesses must have an owner or founder who is a woman, with an ‘at least equal stake’ in the startup. If the business has three owners, at least 33% of its ownership must be female.
  2. Participants must have received under $1 million in total funding and are less than three years old, at the time of the competition.
  3. WEPC participants may not join more than one team or enter more than once.

For full terms, conditions, and judging criteria, click here.

Partners of WEPC:

Sponsors of WEPC:

Council Member Martha Castex-Tatum, City of Houston


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